NTRM: Koenraad Claes and Remco Roes

personify the left and right eye of the collective respectively.


their work arises
from the continual dialogue they are engaged in
from distracted observation and abstracted coincidence

from the sanding motion of a leaking hourglass

the strategies applied are determined by the places in which they find themselves

in that sense the work is both context-specific and site-specific

it can take the form of a magazine, a video, an installation, a performance 

or a combination thereof

Video - Lost and Found "Recollections of the studio"

Videostills - "Recollections of the refused" + "Recollections of the studio"

(Original (Brussels) - Bilbao copy - Melbourne copy - Donosti copy - Studio R - Studio K)

Videostills - Lost and Found "Recollections of the refused" + "Recollections of the studio"

(Original (Brussels) - Donosti - Melbourne - London - Bilbao - Studio K)

Sagacity - Brussels 

Project Space - Berlin

Villa Empain Residency - Brussels